The App with All You Need to Crush Your Fitness Goals

Built specifically to help our clients and trainers track key metrics more closely and conveniently, our app helps all PT clients build the right routine for fitness and nutrition in a sustainable way.

Build a sustainable, data-driven fitness routine.

An easy way to track the numbers affecting your fitness

Enjoy seamless tracking of all your fitness metrics by syncing your devices to our application. Monitor key data like:
  • Daily Calories
  • Daily Steps
  • Daily / Weekly Exercise
  • Daily Body Weight and Body Fat
Our trainers will be able to monitor your key metrics with you and provide you with useful tips and lifestyle coaching advice based on the data.

Workout routine creation at your fingertips

Plan your ideal weekly workouts with your trainer right through the app! Our trainers will work with you to build a customised workout plan that you can follow by yourself easily.

They can also monitor your workout routines to ensure that you’re on track for your goals. Plus, the app comes with a full fitness library of workout templates, exercise videos, and more!

Easy nutrition and meal planning

Set and track your nutrition goals with your trainer through the app, where you can also form better habits with pre-set meal plans and easy-to-make meal prep videos. 

Track your meals, calories and macros easily or use the simple photo journaling tool for your trainers to guide you better.

Inspiring you to live healthier
every day.

Our app is designed to reduce the friction of transitioning to a healthier lifestyle. It does more than meet your short-term fitness goals with us: it also helps you build the right eating, sleeping, and exercise habits that will set you up for a healthier life in the long run. 

That’s because at Homeground Gym, our goal is to help all our clients achieve a sustainable healthier lifestyle. Our PT package, taken together with our app, has seen increased success for our clients – success that we want to bring to you too.

I have achieved a level of body recomposition that I've been really happy with. I've lost almost 10kg in fat and gained about 5kg of muscle mass with more to come.

30+ years old

Personal training has instilled a sense of discipline in me. I used to feel very heavy and sluggish, but now I am a lot more active and constantly go out to try new things.

30+ years old

I've experienced a boost in energy and surpassed my previous lifting records. My trainer's guidance simplified my training approach, allowing me to focus and make the most of my energy and recovery.

40+ years old

I transformed from being constantly exhausted and unhappy with myself due to excess weight to embracing the habit of exercising, making healthier food choices, and prioritising sleep.

Mr. E
30+ years old

It all paid off in the end and not only do I now have the body that I had dreamed for, but eating right and exercising well has also become a part of my lifestyle.

30+ years old

I've achieved strength beyond my expectations, transforming my body and gaining discipline. As I approach my 30s, this experience has been one of the best gifts I'll carry with me into the future!

20+ years old

Affordable personal training packages.

Start with a free 30-min consultation with our head coach.

Farrer Park

$90 - $125/session
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$90 - $125/session
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